Graphic Eyeliner


Diva talk bring to you a study on different ty styles of the graphic eyeliner and how to acheive them..

When it comes to drawing outside the lines and taking risks, the results are sometimes breathtaking. One such fad trending now is the graphic eyeliner. Diva Talk research team decipher the graphic and helps you master it.

Open Edged


Bored with the traditional cat eye? With the wing open just a smidge, the iconic look gets an edgy, new vibe. It’s more graphic and interesting, yet nearly just as simple to do.


Using a stiff pointed brush, trace upper and lower lash lines with a jet-black liquid, extending the lines 1/4 inch past the outer corners of the eyes, leaving a space in between. If you go out further, you’ll have a Black Swan moment, which will not be a pretty sight. Make sure the lines are straight and not flared up, almost like an equal sign. To clean up imperfections, usea pointed cotton swab dipped in eye-makeup remover.

Thick and Squared Off


This eye makes one feel rebellious. We suggest wearing it with sexy heels and a badass pair of jeans. As striking as a color block design, this thick, squared-off wing looks most modern with a matte finish-and no mascara. This is for that cool girl who puts eyeliner on and nothing else.


Before applying liner, dust translucent powder over the lids, and then pull the eyelid up toward the temple to hold skin taut. Using a pointed felt-tip eyeliner pen, draw a thick streak along the upper lash lines, flick the line upward just past the outer corners, and dragged the pen inward across the crease. Next, fill in the open square with pencil and top the wing off with matte gel eyeliner. The muted color, tones down the intensity and makes it look fresh. If needed you can use a pointed cotton swab to polish up the lines.

Double Sided Cat Eye


Don’t let this double-sided, sloping cat eye intimidate you. The graphic liner accentuates the shape of the eyes. This is a very rock and roll look, goes well with leather, studs, and fringe! It’s very different; so to say it is a sensual version of a cat eye.


For this look, we strongly recommend using marker-style pens. They have a superfine tip and the right amount of firmness, so you’ll have more control. Because this effect is so detailed and almost calligraphy-like, it’s easier to connect a series of dashes than to attempt drawing one fluid swoosh. To start, dot the pen along upper lash lines, flicking the line up into a wing past the corners of eyes. Then, put the car in reverse by retracing the line to fatten the liner on the lid. Next, drag the pen from the bridge of the nose upward, bringing the line near the middle of lower lash lines. Merge both lines in a sideways V-shape at the tear ducts. Don’t be alarmed-the lines will look crooked initially. You have to perfect the shape with think tipped cotton swabs. DT

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